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Completely and Effectively Monitor Driver Behavior:

One of the most important factors in highway safety is driver behavior. You’ve seen the “How’s my Driving” bumper stickers on trucks all over the roads, but do they work? And why does your fleet need them?

GPS fleet tracking systems provide real-time and historical quantitative data for vehicles that you can retrieve at any moment, including speed and direction of travel. HighwaySafety.us offers “How’s my Driving” stickers, which adds a second critical ingredient to the equation: giving you real world, qualitative feedback from actual motorists.

How the Stickers Work to Report My Driving:

Our program is simple and affordable. A decal is placed on the rear bumper of your company’s vehicles with a toll free number. The decal displays a unique ID number that is associated to each of your vehicles.
Motorists who observe dangerous or erratic driving call our monitoring station, which is open 24/7. Specific and actionable information is gathered about the incident. The information is passed on to your organization for further use.

The Affordable Addition to Your Fleet Risk Management Program:

The HighwaySafe.Us driver monitoring program is extremely cost effective for your company. More importantly, the program provides priceless information that your organization will be able to use to manage driver behavior.

One year of monitoring for companies under 100 fleet vehicles is $25 dollars per vehicle annually. For larger sized fleets please E-mail us for a quote.

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