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GPS Car Tracking Devices – Fleet Tracking Device for Cars

There are two different types of GPS car tracking devices that are available, hardwired and portable battery powered systems.

We always recommend a hardwired fleet tracking system for several reasons. Once installed, the hardwired fleet tracking devices require no maintenance. Moreover, the devices are installed under the dash in a location that is less prone to tampering/detection. These devices will also report the vehicle's ignition on/off state, which you will be able to view in real-time, as well as while running many different reports. The data is definitive, leaving no question as to what/when/where the vehicle was.

Depending on the application you want to use it for, Fleet Tracking has the right car tracking device for you and your fleet. With so many easy-to-install options, you’ll have your fleet of vehicles set and ready to go in no time. GPS tracking for cars, trucks and other vehicles allow you to monitor where your fleet is located at all times. Employee productivity will be optimized so you can increase profitability throughout your company. Fleet tracking devices also allow you to monitor and recover your assets decreasing the likelihood of expenses from stolen vehicles. We offer a range of devices with different features that are available at varying price points.

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