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Benefits Of Fleet Tracking

The Cold Hard Facts

Running an efficient organization in today's world is no longer a luxury your business can afford to be without. Rising fuel costs, employee overtime and waste of company resources must be addressed.

Powerful Management

Begins with information. Knowing the who, what, when and where will empower your company to make logical decisions based on the data presented.

Definitive Answers:

For your company’s vehicles and your mobile workforce, a fleet tracking system will provide you with the tools you need to increase profitability, decrease costs and increase revenue.

If you're not using a fleet tracking system, you're missing out on an invaluable business tool. As a fleet manager, managing drivers out in the field can be a time consuming and tedious task without using a proven system. You could also be leaving excess dollars on the table due to wasting fuel, inefficient productivity, and driver abuse.

Take a look at these six reasons why investing in a GPS fleet tracking system makes good business sense.

1. Reduce Fuel Costs. Many companies are flushing money away by wasting fuel. Not only is this detrimental to the planet, but to a company's bottom line as well. Aggressive driving, speeding, and excessive idling all use up fuel. In fact, a gallon of gas is consumed every hour a vehicle is left idling. Aggressive driving also uses approximately 20 percent more fuel. Lastly, driving 10 miles over the speed limit increases fuel usage by 20 percent. These days, with the high cost of fuel, excessive fuel consumption can squeeze profit margins, especially for businesses that rely heavily on deliveries or on-the-road service calls. A GPS fleet tracking system can help you monitor fuel consumption through alerts and reports such as an excessive idling and speeding reports.

2. Improve Customer Service. By being able to pinpoint the exact location of vehicles in your fleet, you'll be able to provide your customers with better customer service. Fleet tracking lets you provide a more precise time frame of when a driver will arrive at a customer's location. You'll also be able to dispatch nearby vehicles rather than farther away vehicles, saving time and fuel.

3. Reduce Payroll Costs. GPS tracking enables fleet managers to add more jobs to their day. Routes can be optimized and employee overtime reduced.

4. Eliminate Moonlighting/Side Jobs. In today's economy, many people need to hold a second job to make ends meet. While this is unfortunate, it shouldn't be at your expense. A GPS fleet tracking system alerts you when drivers go outside of a specified zone or boundary -- and alerts you to unauthorized vehicle stops. You'll be able to view start and stop times as well as historical driving routes. As a result, you can reduce payroll costs and fuel costs by not paying for unauthorized use of your company's vehicle and time.

5. Increase Employee Accountability. In a perfect world, everyone would be honest, including your drivers. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case -- some employees will use the company vehicle and company time to conduct personal business. When employees know that their driving behavior, routes, and time are being monitored, they are more likely to be accountable for their actions. Whether stopping at a grocery store or going to a doctors appointment, make sure employees conduct these activities using their own personal vehicles and time, not yours. Late start times, excessive lunch breaks, and early work departures can be the thing of the past with a fleet tracking system. A GPS fleet tracking system will help keep your employees honest, so your can improve your bottom line.

6. Increase Driver Safety. Unsafe driving behaviors not only put your employee driver at risk, but others on the road as well. Unsafe driving also opens up the risk of being faced with a liability suit. A GPS fleet tracking device allows you to monitor speeding live, through alerts, and via reports, so you can nip any speeding or unsafe driving behaviors in the bud.

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